You Are Not Alone (YANA)


Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office now offers the ‘You Are Not Alone’ (YANA) program to provide phone calls to homebound seniors and those with disabilities to promote a peace of mind and sense of confidence living alone, as well as for their families. YANA is an excellent program for those who enjoy living independently but do not have friends or family living close by to regularly check in on them.


How It Works

  • Telephone calls are made twice a week by a Sheriff volunteer at prearranged times.
  • If the participant does not answer after several attempts at contact, a volunteer and/or Deputy will be dispatched to ensure the participant's safety and well-being.

YANA Benefits

  • Provide a sense of comfort and social interaction for homebound seniors or disabled citizens who enjoy the independence of living alone.
  • Isolated people are at higher risk for exploitation from perpetrators who target older adults and those who lack social support. By staying connected to our community, participants can reduce the chance of being victimized.
  • If something does happen, family and friends will be notified quickly.
  • Access to community information for support and referrals.

How Can You or a Loved One Participate?

To qualify, you must be a resident within the Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction, be 65 years or older if a senior, and live alone or be alone for most of the day; or be disabled or have other qualifying conditions and live alone or be alone for most of the day. Participation is FREE with the only requirement that the participant be able to answer the phone as scheduled.

For assistance in completing the registration form or to request more information, contact the YANA Program Coordinator at 831-454-7686.