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Request an Incident Report Copy

We will only release reports to victims of certain property crimes (i.e. burglary, arson, vandalism, theft), insurance carriers, or victims of certain violent crimes as noted below. If you are not named as the victim in the case, the report will not be released. Arrested persons are not entitled to a copy of the report from this agency. However, they may obtain reports through their legal representatives and/or subpoena process. All other involved parties may request a copy of the records pursuant to the California Public Records Act. However, records that are exempt from disclosure pursuant to Government Code 6254 will not be released. Click here for additional information. Law enforcement agencies or other Government Agencies should submit their requests on their letterhead to our Records Department. You may request a police incident report in person at SCSO Headquarters during our normal business hours of 8 am-5 pm, Monday - Friday (closed on holidays).

You do not have to come in person to request your report. You may submit your report request via our online portal or by submitting a request form via US mail (see details below).

Request a Police Incident Report Copy Online

Request and receive all types of Santa Cruz Incident Reports through an online portal. Report types include traffic collisions, domestic violence and all other incidents of general crime. Using the portal is the most secure and convenient way to request and receive incident reports from the Sheriff’s Office. An account can be created within the Public Records Request Portal to track the request(s) and receive reports and correspondences securely online.

Click here to request a report or other public records

Sheriff’s Office Incident Report Copy Request Forms

If you elect NOT to use the portal, requests may still be submitted using U.S. Mail and email using the Incident Report Request Form(s). However, those requests will be manually entered and tracked in the Incident Report Request Portal. You do NOT need to complete the Incident Report Request form if you submit your request via the portal.

Our request forms are available in English and Spanish. Select your language, download and fill out the request form in your preferred language. The completed form may be either mailed or emailed to our office for processing. Instructions are included on all forms.

Request Forms:

All types of report requests:

Request Forms for CA Family Code § 6228:

Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Human Trafficking, or Abuse of an Elder or Dependent Adult California Family Code § 6228 provides that victims of the alleged crimes, listed above, may receive a copy of their incident report within five days of their request, free of charge. Due to the sensitive information included in the reports, Sheriff’s Office protocol requires in-person identification verification. Victims or their designated representatives must either submit their request in-person or pick-up their incident report in person at Sheriff’s Office Headquarters.

If you are unable to print the form, you may obtain one at Sheriff’s Office Headquarters.

Copies of Autopsy and Toxicolgoy Reports:

Information regarding copies of death certificates, autopsy reports, toxicology reports, and decedent property release can be found by clicking here