Administration Bureau

The Administration Bureau manages all of the Sheriff's Office administrative, business and support functions in the following sections: Professional Standards and Conduct, Media Relations, Personnel and Training, Records, Warrants, Crime Analysis, Civil, Payroll/Fiscal Management, Forensic Services and Computer Technology.

Undersheriff Mitch Medina

Administrative Lieutenant & Professional Standards and Conduct
Lieutenant Patrick Dimick


CCW License
Phone: 831-454-7746

Administrative Services Manager
Kathy Samms

In Ms. Samms role as Administrative Services Manager, she oversees the administrative and fiscal support services for various essential Sheriff's Office Divisions such as Fiscal/Payroll, Records, and Civil Dicisional and the Crime Analysis Unit. She is also responsible for all contracts and legislation affecting agency services. She coordinates and directs administrative and support staff for all bureaus and works strategically with Sheriff Hart to ensure all essential functions are performed optimally.

Senior Departmental Analyst
Monica Rocha

Ms. Rocha performs complex duties as a Senior Departmental Analyst and manages the Sheriff's Office Corrections Bureau business and support functions. This important role includes fiscal management, oversight of Main Jail Records, negotiating, executing and monitoring contracts as well as the preparation and monitoring of Corrections Bureau grants.