Crime Prevention and Safety


Internet Safety for Children

Your children will use the Internet as a place to communicate with people they know in real life, as well as people they do not know. Please consider these points:

  • Sexual predators frequent various chat rooms looking for children.
  • Most parents are unfamiliar with common chat room lingo that teenagers use to warn that their parents are watching.
  • Many parents allow their children to use the computer in private areas of the house such as a bedroom or a home office.

Ways to protect them:

  • Talk with your children about what they can and cannot do online.
  • Be open with your children and encourage them to come to you if they encounter a problem online.
  • Learn everything you can about the internet, especially the online lingo.
  • Check into blocking, filtering and monitoring software.
  • Recognize the other places your child can access the Internet, such as a friend's house, school, or the library.
  • Be able to put a face to each of the screennames on your child's buddy list and know who he or she is communicating with through email.
  • More than anything, teach your children to never give out their personal information, or pictures and NEVER meet in person someone they first "met" online.
  • If you suspect someone is sexually exploiting or communicating inappropriately with your child, notify local law enforcement immediately.