Crime Prevention and Safety
Child Safety

A stranger is someone we have never seen, or it may be someone we see every day but do not know.

For example, we may see the ice cream truck in our neighborhood every day, but we don't really know the driver. Therefore, that person should be considered a stranger.

Remember, strangers are not always scary or mean looking. As a matter of fact, they may have a smile on their face and talk in a soft, friendly voice. But remember, they are still strangers.

Dealing with strangers:

  • If a stranger approaches either on foot or in a vehicle, take a giant step backwards.
  • If they attempt to talk to you or ask for help for any reason, yell "NO" as loud as you can.
  • Run away as fast as you can, while yelling "NO!"
  • Tell someone (a teacher, a parent or police officer or any other trusted adult) about what happened immediately.

At home alone:

There may be a time when a child will be home alone, even if for a very short period.

The following rules should be learned and followed:

  • Never tell anyone that you are home alone.
  • All exterior doors and windows should be closed and locked. Don't forget the sliding glass doors.
  • If anyone comes to the door, don't open the door. Look through the viewer in the door or a window to make sure you know the person.
  • Talk to that person without opening the door by asking, "Who is it?" If it is a stranger, tell them your mom and dad are busy and can't come to the door right now. If they do not leave promptly, call 9-1-1 for help.
  • The same rule above applies when the phone rings. Tell them your Parents are busy and ask them to call back later.
  • If you have an answering machine, let it answer for you. Listen to the message.
  • Never touch anything in the medicine cabinet or any cleaning products anywhere in the house.
  • Never take medicine, including vitamins, without approval of your parents.
  • Do not handle matches or appliances including the stove and microwave.

Weapon Safety

  • Treat a weapon like a stranger.
  • Take a step back from it.
  • Do not touch it.
  • Tell an adult about the weapon.
  • If you are at someone else's home, tell an adult. If there is no adult present, leave and tell your parents.