Crime Prevention and Safety
Building Site Theft and Vandalism
  • Minimize the time that building materials and tools are left unattended.
  • If expensive equipment is left on-site after hours consider hiring security personnel.
  • Plan to have appliances and materials delivered and installed on the same day.
  • Install expensive "high risk" items as close to hand over as possible.
  • Clearly display the lot number, the name of the builder and an after hours contact number on all construction sites.
  • Erect warning signage about building site crime on housing estates and individual dwellings.
  • Identify and mark all materials and appliances.
  • Liaise with surrounding neighbors and inform them about any development in the area.
  • Distribute "open letters" to residents.
  • Arrange with the local council for street lighting to be installed and operating on the day that construction commences.
  • Inform the police about the construction and provide them with after hours contact details.
  • Encourage construction workers to liaise with other builders and consider establishing a reference group to address security issues.