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Inmate Visiting & Information
Blaine Street Facility
141 Blaine Street
Santa Cruz, CA. 95060
(831) 454-2177
Rules and Regulations

Attorneys licensed to practice law in the State of California and who possess a California Bar Card, or an attorney who is registered with the California Bar to represent an inmate pro hoc vice, may access jail inmates at any time. Access may be subject to procedural delays due to other priority activities occurring in the jail such as inmate feeding, counts or emergencies.


  • All mail will be opened and checked for contraband.
  • Pictures (4"x6" or smaller).
  • Greeting cards must be single layer (no plastic coating or oversized).
  • Books, newspapers and periodicals can only come from the publisher or Internet distributor (no hardbound books allowed).
  • Publications that are obscene, pornographic, intended to incite murder, arson, riot, racism, violence or material concerning gambling will not be allowed.
  • Mail to/from other penal institutions is prohibited unless authorized by the Facility Commander. 
  • Mail must be addressed as follows:
    Inmate Name, Inmate S#
    Blaine Street Facility
    141 Blaine Street
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Blaine Street Facility does not accept any inmate deposits. Money can be left daily at the kiosks located in the Main Jail Lobby or the Rountree - Medium Facility (reception staff cannot take any inmate deposits). Kiosks accepts cash and credit cards. Deposits are accepted 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Money orders (payable to the inmate) can still be mailed in. Credit card deposits can also be made at these websites:

Property Release
Upon an inmate’s or officer’s request, excess personal property may be released. A property release form must be signed by the inmate. Releases occur Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The inmate is responsible for submitting a Visitor Clearance Form. The inmate will need each visitor’s full name, address, phone number, date of birth and a Government ID number (i.e. Drivers License, Passport). The inmate submits the completed form to the Jail Staff for visiting clearance. Anyone who has been in custody within the past 60 days, is on parole or formal probation, has a warrant or restraining order prohibiting contact may not visit.
Visiting days are Saturday or Sunday. Visiting hours are: 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. All visitors must be approved in advance.

Visiting Rules

  • Inmates must be in custody for 72 hours prior to having any visits. Inmates are allowed one 2 hour visit per week.
  • Visitors must arrive and register 15 minutes prior to their scheduled visit to avoid cancellation. Any visitor canceling or missing a total of 3 visits will be banned from visiting for 30 days.
  • Each visit may include up to 6 persons. Adult visitors must present a valid photo ID (i.e. Drivers License, Passport, Matricula). A parent or legal guardian must accompany visitors under the age of 18. The parent must bring the minor’s birth certificate and the legal guardian must present court papers showing they are the legal guardian or provide a notarized letter along with the minor’s birth certificate. Minors cannot be left unattended in the lobby area, parking lot or any other area on the jail property.
  • All visitors must be appropriately dressed. Attire, which is revealing, offensive, gang related or distracting to others will not be allowed. Shoes and shirts are required. Jail Staff will determine the appropriateness of the clothing.
  • Misconduct or violation of the jail rules will result in immediate termination of the visit and the possibility of being banned indefinitely.
  • Visitors will not be allowed to bring any food, tobacco or personal property into the jail (i.e. cell phones, purses, pagers). Lockers are available for 25 cents.

All visitors entering the secure area of the jail are subject to being searched. Any person refusing to be searched will be denied the visit and escorted from the facility.